Gear Up for Success with Solobox Comp

Gear Up for Success with Solobox Comp


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Gear Up for Success with Solobox Comp: The Solar Installer’s Ultimate Junction Box!

At Unirac, partnerships matter. We recognize the challenges that our solar installers encounter, including routine logistical hurdles that can unexpectedly complicate what should be a seamless solar installation process. This is why Unirac is proud to introduce our junction box, Solobox Comp, the optimized solution for shingle-roof installations. Far more than just a J-box, Solobox Comp has been meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow with additive features directly requested by our solar installers.

First Butyl Box in Solar! Say Goodbye to Messy Sealants, Leaks, & Fumbling Around with Loose Parts

Say goodbye to the headaches of messy sealants and the hazards generated by loose parts on the rooftop. Featuring an integrated butyl attachment, Solobox Comp ensures that your junction box is securely seated and resistant to moisture, providing a strong, lasting connection that protects your customer’s investment for years to come. With Solobox Comp, all roof penetrations are safeguarded by Unirac’s trusted polymeric and hydrophobic adhesive butyl, which has been scientifically engineered to maintain roof integrity and stop leaks dead in their tracks.

Plus, Solobox Comp streamlines rooftop installations by reducing the number of necessary components. The innovative, single-screw hinged lid allows for swift installation and effortless maintenance checks. Experience the satisfaction of knowing you’ve delivered a clean, secure, and long-lasting installation with minimal hassle—that’s Solobox Comp, The Ultimate Junction Experience!

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Affordability That Won’t Break the Bank

We get it; every dollar counts. That’s why Unirac made Solobox Comp the most cost-effective and innovative junction box on the market. Solobox Comp provides unmatched reliability and ease of installation, guaranteeing top-quality performance, all without being a drain on your budget. With Solobox Comp, we’ve made your success our priority, and Unirac is committed to supplying exceptional value for your investment. There are many junction boxes out there, but Solobox Comp is the only one that elevates your solar setup by delivering the reliability and affordability that you deserve!

Backed by Unirac: Our Guarantee of Quality

Unirac believes in the quality and durability of Solobox Comp, and we back it up with an industry-leading warranty. When you choose Unirac, you’re opting for premier-quality products engineered with cutting-edge materials, advanced manufacturing standards, and rigorous testing criteria. Our products are built to last, providing unmatched durability and reliability for years to come.

Take Action Now! Request Solobox Comp from Your Preferred Distributor

Now is the time to prime yourself for success by incorporating Solobox Comp into your renewable-energy framework. Take the initiative—request Solobox Comp from your trusted distributor today. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your clients will applaud your expertise. Start today! Request Solobox Comp and establish yourself as the installer who always delivers excellence!