Conduit Mount

Conduit Mount is a multi-purpose component that can be quickly attached Direct to Deck using an included flashing and hardware or mounted to a Rail or L-foot using a T-bolt.

Conduit Mount | Comp Shingle | E-BOSS


SoloBox is the only J-Box you need for comp shingle, roll comp, and rail-mounted applications. Features Flashloc Technology – no more notching shingles, tearing up nails, and damaging the roof.

Junction Box | Direct-to-deck | E-BOSS

SoloBox COMP

Fast installation and reliable waterproofing without the need for sealant.  SOLOBOX® COMP features buytl attachment, an overlapping lid liner, and a shed-and-seal design to protect your solar project and the roof.

Junction Box | Direct-to-deck | E-BOSS


SolarTray is a PV wire management solution featuring high-speed DROP & GO installation and providing ultimate protection from loose cables, failed inspections and service calls.

Wire Mgmt | Rail Accessory | E-BOSS

J-Box Mount

J-Box Mount attaches to Rail and L-Feet, no tools needed. Fasten the junction box to the J-BOX MOUNT, then press the mount into place.

Junction Box | Rail Mount | E-BOSS

MLPE Mount

MLPE Mount bonds and secures microinverters and power optimizers to module frames with a simple bonding pin.

MLPE Mount | Module Frame | E-BOSS


Hit a home run with EcoTray. Solar PV wire management system for flat roofs – simplified.

Non-Metallic | Universal | Wire Management​


Sink your claws into the fiercest MLPE mount on the market. Easily secure and bound MLPE units to module flanges.

MLPE Mount | Module Frame | E-BOSS