Helioscope Integration

Helioscope by Folsom Labs For Fast Proposals and Instant Engineering

With Helioscope, you can quickly generate proposals, analyze design decisions and streamline your workflow.

Projects designed in the HelioScope solar design platform can now be seamlessly imported into Unirac’s U-Builder PV racking design tool for commercial flat ROOFMOUNT projects. The integration of Folsom Labs’ HelioScope with Unirac racking products helps customers streamline their design and engineering process, from initial site assessment to detailed bill of materials and code compliance.

Our HelioScope integration enables you to layout & design ROOFMOUNT products and import projects seamlessly into U-Builder, instantly creating:

  • Project-specific Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Row By Row Designs and Ballast Distribution Maps
  • Project Engineering Reports

Import Helioscope projects for all of Unirac’s flat roof ballasted products including:

  • ROOFMOUNT Five-Degree Tilt (RM5)
  • ROOFMOUNT Ten-Degree Tilt (RM10)
  • ROOFMOUNT Dual-Tilt (RMDT)