Jennifer Bradley, Sunpro Solar’s only female Territory Operations Manager, runs her Albuquerque and Lubbock crews like family. A mother of 11 and an avid crafter with self-diagnosed OCD, she is no stranger to the intricacies of communication, constantly moving schedules, and the endless challenges that residential solar crews face.

Born in Pennsylvania, she grew up in San Diego and Albuquerque. She moved away from New Mexico right after high school to attend college and start a family. Before getting into solar, Jennifer worked as a Project Manager for a custom home builder and an HVAC company but had been curious about solar and its potential for homeowners.

“When I returned to Albuquerque in 2016, I started looking around for a company that would fit my personality. When Sunpro came to town in 2018, I applied and was hired that same day!” says Jennifer.

“Sunpro provides amazing support. They are my second family in a very real way. I have made so many friendships that I will cherish. No matter how large Sunpro gets, help, resources, and a friendly voice are just a phone call away.”

Jennifer Bradley, aka “The Brain” and Peter Lorenz, CEO Unirac, Inc.

You can tell that family is important to her. She applies her management skills across both families, wielding a dry erase board and markers with the skill of a mad scientist. She’s nicknamed her dry erase board “The Brain.”

“If the crews need anything, need to communicate with me, remind me of something, or just leave me a creative ‘hello,’ we use my dry erase board. It sounds weird and very archaic, but I use it every single day. Each week we work out the installs as a team on the dry erase board. Seeing the plan written down ensures we all have the same vision of what needs to be executed that week. The ’Brain’ is something I could not live without,” she jokes.

As a busy mom, she has the best of both worlds, a great career in solar and caring for a family. Taking the time to ride a bike with her youngest and making memories are important to her: “I try not to sweat the small stuff and to live in the moment.”

Jennifer is successful at what she does because she sees her customers as an extension of her Sunpro family. “On one of my very first projects as a coordinator, the homeowner was a few months pregnant. I spent the duration of her solar project talking to her almost daily. She would call just to chat some days and others would ask questions about the process of her install. On the day of the install, I went to her house and had the opportunity to meet her face to face. Months later, I received an invitation to her baby shower. I was beyond thrilled that she would even think of me. Sunpro has introduced me to such wonderful homeowners and since then I have been to numerous baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings of my previous homeowners. Building relationships is what I love most about Sunpro.”

When she assumed her role as Territory Operations Manager, she made it a point to hire more women onto her crews. She feels strongly that women must be given the same opportunities she was offered. They are a strong and vibrant segment of the industry who have emerged as strong leaders and voices for solar in their communities. Our very own Kendra Hubbard is smiling right now.

“Solar industry leaders like Sunpro recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial business priorities that improve a company’s profitability through increased innovation, cooperation, and creativity. We want the industry and its workforce to reflect the communities we serve – and we need to highlight more examples like Jennifer who are excelling in their roles. I encourage everyone to look at their organization and ask if they are being purposeful in creating an equitable environment for all to succeed,” says Kendra Hubbard, SEIA board member and Unirac Strategic Account Manager, Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer and her team have also been strong advocates and partners to Unirac. The Sunpro team recently contributed to a great cause by helping us install solar on the homeless shelter Joy Junction in Albuquerque. The whole team was out there either installing on the roof or volunteering to help clean up the Joy Junction campus. We certainly could not have done it without Jennifer or the Sunpro family.

It’s not hard to see why Sunpro Solar has been successful in the market. Founded in 2008 and ranked No. 5 by Solar Power World as a 2020 Top Residential Solar Installer, they have a history and the reputation of providing quality solar service to their customers. Strong team members like Jennifer Bradley have contributed to that successful reputation, and we value their commitment to solar and our vision that Better Solar Starts Here. They are changing lives – one roof at a time.

Favorite Unirac Product: FlashLoc.For an Operations manager who already has OCD, the FLashLoc just makes me smile. It is clean, quick, and looks sharp. The crews like it as it saves them time on the roof. That’s a win-win for everyone.“- Jennifer Bradley, Sunpro Solar Territory Operations Manager