Welcome To The First Edition of Better Solar Starts Here


Hello and welcome to Unirac’s first newsletter!

Unirac launched this newsletter to keep our ever-growing solar community informed and inspired. We’ll share the latest industry news for you, give you tips on how to get the most out of relevant products and services, and share stories of our customers—solar heroes just like you. It’s part of our commitment to Better Solar Starts Here, our mission to help you capture cost savings and grow your residential and commercial solar businesses.

Unirac was founded by an installer named John Liebendorfer. John envisioned making solar PV easier to install and invented the first universal mounting system. More than 20 years later, Unirac is still creating the best installation experience and still stands behind Better Solar Starts Here with unparalleled service, passion, and expertise.

While this year brought many challenges for the solar industry, I am confident that our industry will have exceeded all expectations when 2019 comes to a close. We have experienced significant growth in our residential and commercial business across in North America. And this is a great testimony to the fact that an overwhelming majority of people strongly support solar as the clean, affordable, and reliable energy solution that it is.  I am excited that Unirac is part of making solar easier and more affordable. On a recent trip to California, I witnessed the devastating impact of wildfires that clearly show that we can no longer hide from climate change. Thank you for helping make solar happen every day!

And that is why I am looking at the coming year with full optimism and excitement.

As my children say when I leave for work each morning, “Go save the world with solar!” In the coming months and year, I look forward to hearing your input and feedback as well as topics you would like us to address in our newsletter. Please share your feedback with me at info@unirac.com

All the very best to you and yours this holiday season,

Peter Lorenz, Chief Executive OfficerPeter Lorenz,
Chief Executive Officer