PVComplete Integration

PVCAD Powered by U-Builder For Fast, Seamless Designs

Just Launched – PVComplete Integration

Unirac has teamed up with PVComplete to introduce new layout software that integrates with our U-builder online design tool. Integrating PVCAD with U-builder streamlines the design process for Unirac mounting solutions directly within PVComplete with a click of a button.

PVCAD will accurately layout & design ROOFMOUNT products and communicate with U-Builder to seamlessly access:

  • Project-specific Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Row By Row Designs with Ballast Distribution Maps
  • Project Engineering Report with Zone Design Pressures & Points Loads
  • Access product specific AutoCAD detail drawings & notes

PVCAD includes geometry for all Unirac’s flat roof ballasted products including:

  • ROOFMOUNT Five-Degree (RM5)
  • ROOFMOUNT Ten-Degree (RM10)
  • ROOFMOUNT Dual-Tilt (RMDT)