Continuing to develop and design projects during this pandemic is fraught with challenges. Other partner companies in your value chain furlough portions of staff, slowing their response. Your own team may have even been forced to reduce staff, making things even more difficult. Meanwhile, access to capital and customer preferences drive system design changes.

Delays seem to be coming from all directions. The universal cry of the solar designer and project manager is, “No added friction, please!”

We want you to know that we get it: You win when your project stays on schedule; we are committed to help you meet your schedule. That’s what Better Solar Starts Here means – having the right resources in place to ensure that your project stays on track.

We Have the Right Resources in Place

The Right Team

We have the right capabilities within our team. In case you are not aware of the full depth of our team, let me list some of the roles in our group:

  • Commercial Services – drafting, solar design, and quoting.
  • Applications Engineers – create the right engineering documentation and help you through tough design issues and AHJ comments.
  • Engineering Services – ensures that engineering tools and project engineering are code compliant and appropriate for the 25-year lifetime of your system. The group includes Structural and Geotech Civil engineers who are experts in building code, solar design, and construction management.

Any discussion of how Unirac supports your commercial projects would not be complete without mentioning the other teams that make it all possible. Our Account Managers, Installer Sales Specialists, and Supply Chain and Logistics teams watch out for your project and ensure that proper attention is given.

The Right Racking Solutions

Are you installing on a standing seam pitched roof? Is it a flat-roof warehouse? Perhaps you are designing your system on an apartment complex? Maybe it’s a combination of roof and ground? Unirac’s full product line will help you to rack modules in any of these situations.

In the coming months you will see several new products from Unirac. Be on the lookout for a low-roof-weight, grid-based, ballasted racking system, and improved flat-roof attachments and attachment methods. Ground screws will also be available in the coming weeks.

The Right Supply Chain

We continue to maintain our inventory levels to meet delivery schedules. Unirac has invested in a robust international supply chain. Our supply has not been interrupted. We will continue to deliver uninterrupted during the current pandemic.

We Have the Right Scale to Meet Your Project Schedule

The Biggest Racking Commercial Team

The team I described earlier is not limited to our US based staff. Our India presence gives us additional resources with solar expertise. Some of the drafters, designers, and structural engineers needed to meet project volume and spikes are part of our India operation.

We have over two dozen team members in our commercial support group, so we can work around the clock to provide you with the best industry turn times for your project.

The Best Delivery Times (Design and Product)

What can you expect from one of the most capable commercial support teams in the solar industry? For one thing, you get an average of less than three-day turnaround times for project layouts, drawings, and stamped engineering. Often, project design and quotes are turned around by the next day.

We can also boast of our product delivery speed as well. Ninety percent of shipments occur in six days or less from time of purchase order.

Reach Out to Unirac For More Than Just Racking

Racking is only a part of what we offer you. Reach out to the Commercial team for support throughout your project lifecycle. From your initial design, to permitting, and through logistics and on-site training, our team is ready to support you. Submit your request through our website at, email us at, or contact your account manager.

We are committed to the principle that Better Solar Starts Here. Avoid project delays and allow our team to support your work. Unirac understands your needs, has the right resources, and offers the scale to be a part of your success.