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I hope all of you are staying healthy and remain in good spirits. We find ourselves in the middle of Q2 and what may be the peak of the COVID-19 impact on businesses. Many states have successfully slowed the spread of infections and are on a gradual path to opening their economies up again. While health concerns are still paramount and much uncertainty remains around the pandemic and the pace of economic recovery, I am confident that companies will be stepping up. In fact, many of you are already stepping up and finding innovative and creative ways to make solar happen even in these challenging conditions! We are inspired by our resilience, passion and relentless pursuit of a better future. To thank and celebrate all of you Solar Heroes, we are compiling a video and photo gallery. Email your installation photos to us at and we’ll post them. Together, we will emerge stronger. Better Solar Starts Here with you!


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Wire Management is a vital part of every residential solar photovoltaic (PV) Installation. It is the foundation of efficiency, good production, and safe operation of the array. PV systems are complex, the environment is harsh, and installation can be difficult. As a result, getting wire management right is not always easy, but with quality equipment and best practices you can ensure your wire management will last as long as the rest of the array.Read More


Unlike traditional wire management which leaves spans of unsupported wire between attachments, SolarTray supports the entire length of the wire. This continuous support system eliminates the risk of sagging wires that cause failed inspections, expensive service calls and equipment damage. Plus, SolarTray installs faster and costs the same as typical wire clips.Read More


Elevate your brand

During these difficult times, partnerships have never been so important. Unirac is here to offer support. We recognize that solar companies of all sizes are the solar heroes on the front line making solar happen every day. They are out there as essential businesses helping homeowners go solar during this crisis.

Better Solar Starts Here is the perfect way to explain why we launched our Certified Installer Program earlier this year. It is designed to be an asset to our installation partners. Our program focuses on appreciating our partners and helping them amplify their brand through enhanced installer training, specialized marketing, and sales assets that can help boost consumer confidence in the market. The 2019 EnergySage Installer Survey revealed that half of the installers surveyed find customer acquisition to be the largest barrier to growth and 42 percent of installers cite the lack of trained labor as the second-highest barrier. The survey revealed that one in five installers points to the importance of online customer ratings and professional certifications for increasing business. As it turns out, Unirac’s Certified Installer Program is designed to address all these concerns.Read More


Continuing to develop and design projects during this pandemic is fraught with challenges. Other partner companies in your value chain furlough portions of staff, slowing their response. Your own team may have even been forced to reduce staff, making things even more difficult. Meanwhile, access to capital and customer preferences drive system design changes.

Delays seem to be coming from all directions. The universal cry of the solar designer and project manager is, “No added friction, please!”

We want you to know that we get it: You win when your project stays on schedule; we are committed to help you meet your schedule. That’s what Better Solar Starts Here means – having the right resources in place to ensure that your project stays on track.Read More


Unirac’s commitment to Better Solar Starts Here includes providing the best installation experience to solar contractors in the markets it serves. Accordingly, Unirac has training resources for Spanish speaking installers in both Latin America and North America.Read More


El compromiso de Unirac con Better Solar Starts Here incluye proporcionar la mejor experiencia de instalación a contratistas solares en los mercados a los que sirve. En consecuencia, Unirac tiene recursos de capacitación para instaladores de habla hispana en América Latina y América del Norte.Read More


At Unirac, the mission Better Solar Starts Here also extends to the Latin America market (LATAM), where its team of highly experienced individuals is partnering with local installers and distributors to expand the growth of solar in an emerging solar market.

Chema Delgadillo, Unirac’s Strategic Account Manager for LATAM, is responsible for Unirac’s operations in the region. Chema began his career in the solar industry five years ago and, through his time in solar financing and a supply network along with developing new markets for microinverters and solar modules, he has developed a vision for the industry. In his current role, Chema oversees the internal processes, strategy, distribution channels, and logistics for the company. Chema is passionate about solar energy, as he believes that it is the best way to make a difference in today’s world and our future generations.

Fernando Anchondo, Unirac’s Business Development Representative for LATAM, focuses on developing new accounts. He has spent more than eleven years at Unirac, and has worked in welding, quality control as a Quality Engineer, and in Sales. His experience in various departments has given him detailed knowledge of the products—from metal compositions to various aspects of the product designs. In his current role, he supports Unirac’s partners in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing a complete solution, from product introduction to sales, quotation, design, and installation. Fernando is equally passionate about solar energy because, in addition to reducing electricity bills, it is an excellent way to provide electricity for many people who otherwise would not have access to it.Read More


En Unirac, la misión Better Solar Starts Here también se extiende al mercado latinoamericano (LATAM), donde su equipo de personas altamente experimentadas se asocian con instaladores y distribuidores locales para expandir el crecimiento de la energía solar en un mercado solar emergente.

Chema Delgadillo, Gerente de Cuentas Estratégicas de Unirac para LATAM, es responsable de las operaciones de Unirac en la región. Chema comenzó su carrera en la industria solar hace cinco años y a través de su relación cercana con el financiamiento solar y una red de suministro junto con el desarrollo de nuevos mercados para micro inversores y módulos solares, ha desarrollado una amplia visión de los diferentes aspectos de la industria solar. En su puesto actual, Chema supervisa los procesos internos, la estrategia, los canales de distribución y la logística de la compañía. Chema es un apasionado de la energía solar, ya que cree que es la mejor manera de marcar la diferencia en el mundo actual y en el futuro de nuestros niños.

Fernando Anchondo, Representante de Desarrollo de Negocios de Unirac para LATAM, se enfoca en desarrollar nuevas cuentas. Fernando tiene más de once años en Unirac donde ha trabajado en soldadura, control de calidad como ingeniero de calidad y ahora en ventas. Su experiencia en varios departamentos le han dado un conocimiento detallado de los productos, desde composiciones metálicas hasta diversos aspectos de los diseños de los productos. En su puesto actual, apoya a los socios de Unirac en América Latina y el Caribe al proporcionar una solución completa, desde la introducción del producto hasta la venta, cotización, diseño e instalación. A Fernando le apasiona la energía solar porque además de reducir las facturas de electricidad, es una excelente manera de proporcionar electricidad a muchas personas que de otra manera no tendrían acceso a ella.Read More


I hope this newsletter finds you, your team, and your family safe and healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented times; a few weeks ago, nobody could have imagined that 160+ million Americans would be under some sort of shelter-in-place order, with the single goal to contain the virus and flatten the curve.

The pandemic has had significant impact on our economy, our solar industry and all our businesses: we are all adjusting to our new reality, a reality that continues to change. We are all in this fight together, and I have confidence that together we will beat the virus and overcome the challenges that come with it; I also believe that with all of our creativity and passion, we will find and invent new ways to make solar happen.Read More