It is probably safe to say that almost everyone’s views on lead-times have changed dramatically over the last few years. With movies/music on demand, same day Amazon deliveries, and groceries being delivered, our expectations for service and speed are only increasing. It’s difficult to remove that expectation for immediate availability as you shift from your personal life to your day to day work in Solar. Luckily, with Unirac as your racking solutions provider you don’t have to.

The Unirac team works hard every day to ensure our focus on Better Solar Starts Here extends to all areas of the company and the Supply Chain is no exception. We are truly excited about the supply chain capabilities we have built over the years and the service levels we provide to our customers. Unirac ships 90%+ of all orders within 6 business days of order receipt. We continue to hear from our customers that this level of service is a true differentiator when working with Unirac. Unirac customers do not need to over-commit to heavy inventory levels and tie up precious cash reserves to support long lead- times. Unirac has provided racking solutions to customers for over 20 years and that history provides great visibility to the requirements of our customers. We are committed to having the inventory customers need to grow their solar business.

*Sean Linn, Chief Operating Officer.

Some of our customers were very successful in 2019, growing over 100%. Unirac was able to support that growth with material supply due to our stance that we expect to have the inventory in stock or very quickly when customers call. We encourage our customers to use their resources to grow their businesses and promote solar throughout the country versus investing in long lead-time materials. Numerous customers mentioned Unirac competitors quoting lead-times of 8, 10, and even 12 weeks. We even heard of a competitor mentioning they were close to being sold out for 2020, it’s only March! You will not hear that type of response with Unirac as your racking solution. Unirac will not pressure customers to place multi-month PO’s. Unirac has invested in significant inventory levels so our customers can focus their resources elsewhere.

Unirac is able to provide immediate inventory availability due to our commitment to inventory stocking levels and the Supply Chain that supports that commitment. It starts with a robust Inventory Planning process that is linked closely with a Sales and Customer feedback loop to drive MRP (Material Requirements Planning) systems.   For maximum flexibility, Unirac has developed supplier relationships in 7 countries including the US as well as developed and maintained significant internal capabilities. For all key products, Unirac has at least 2 sources and 2 different countries from which to purchase. Risk mitigation is a critical element to the diversity in our Supply Chain. This diversity has allowed Unirac to bring our customers the best blend of cost competitiveness and inventory availability in the industry.

At Unirac, quality control demands the same amount of attention as having inventory available for customers. The ability to react quickly to customer’s needs without the necessary quality controls would negate the benefit. Unirac relies heavily on our documented and certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) processes. Unirac is one of the few solar players with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISU 45001 Health & Safety, and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications. We just recently completed a 9-day re-certification of all 3 standards and remain in good compliance. It should comfort customers to know we have a third-party agency at our facilities on a consistent basis ensuring we are following the quality processes we have implemented. We are just as passionate about delivering a quality product and service as we are about doing it quickly.

Filling 90%+ of all orders within 6 days requires a great Unirac team, capable suppliers, quality processes, and a real commitment to service levels. This commitment is on display every day at our daily Leadership Meeting where every past due customer order line is reviewed. This ensures maximum visibility to any service failures. You cannot reach the levels of service and transparency we expect without that level of buy in and purpose from the entire Unirac team. Better Solar Starts Here means we will be able to ship your order quickly, in days not weeks.