“Clean Energy is Critical to the Health of our Citizens and Planet”

“I love my job because I get to help with system design, procurement, and making sure our partners get excellent service from our team.” –Kendra Hubbard

Kendra Hubbard is Unirac’s Strategic Account Manager for the Pacific Northwest, where she travels seven states, helping installers and distributors with Unirac products. Her career in the solar industry began in 2010 when she worked for a module manufacturer. Since then, she’s held positions with installers, distributers, energy services providers, and manufacturers.

“Over the last ten years I’ve seen dramatic changes to the industry – from the cost of equipment to emerging technologies to consolidation of companies. The modules I sold in 2010 were about $3 a watt,” said Kendra. “I’m as excited about this work as I was when I started. The solar industry is dynamic and growing. Also, I really like the people who I’m surrounded by – solar folks are the best! I love helping people! I consider myself a trusted advisor to solar distributors and installers throughout the U.S.”

*Kendra Hubbard, Unirac Strategic Account Manager

Her commitment to the solar industry led Kendra to become active with Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). She is currently serving her second two-year term as a Board Director. For many years she volunteered with SEIA at tradeshows, thru Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association and online, helping to manage the #SolarChat activity on Twitter. After participating at a state level for many years, she put her name in the hat for the board general election.

“I was elected to serve on state and national solar boards to help move good solar policy forward, and by putting in my time and energy into policy and lobbying, I can directly help improve market conditions for businesses and consumers. I also really enjoy connecting solar folks with each other when I see an opportunity,” said Kendra.

As a Board Director, Kendra participates in a variety of ways that include board meetings, committee calls, and lobbying. She works with the federal and state affairs team, as well as with state affiliates, the nominations team, and strategy and diversity planning.

“I help craft where the industry is heading both near and long-term. It’s been one of the privileges of my career and I am honored to be a voice for installers throughout the industry,” said Kendra.

According to Kendra, there are lots of ways to get involved with SEIA, but the first step is to join at the Watt level. This gives companies access to join committees and participate actively in the states that they operate in. SEIA is very interested in helping companies be successful in the industry and offers lots of ways to engage. She recommends attending a lobby day with her in Washington, D.C. to experience the impactful events first-hand.

Kendra is a mom to a 13-year-old, which keeps her busy and entertained. She still makes time for her two other loves—spending time outdoors and working out. Some of her favorite activities include mountain biking in Idaho, visiting glaciers in Alaska, hiking the canyons in Nevada, and trail-running in Oregon and Washington. She recently started rock climbing and is looking forward to doing some spelunking.

Considering how much the solar industry has changed over the last ten years, Kendra reflected on how she would like to see it evolve over the next ten years: “I would love to see the solar industry make progress on national level policy that goes beyond state-to-state. I would like to see more utility partnership, and progress around community solar. I want to increase the diversity of employment in solar to better reflect our population, and I feel strongly about improving access to solar energy to include low-to-moderate income people and renters. Clean energy is more than a neat idea– it’s critical to the health of our citizens and planet.”

Unirac is proud to have such an accomplished, passionate solar advocate in Kendra on the team. We work tirelessly together to advance the spread of solar to more people. In Kendra’s words, “we feel proud to contribute to a better future for all of our kids. We want to do something good for the world by increasing the adoption of renewable energy.” As Kendra works to advance good policy through her work with SEIA, Unirac will be right behind her to support all of her efforts.