Employee Spotlight: Chase Alford “Most roads cross at my desk”


First in a series of spotlights that feature Unirac employees and how they make Solar Better for installers.

Chase Alford is Unirac’s Senior Customer Fulfillment Coordinator.  “Most roads cross at my desk,” said Alford, who is responsible for coordinating order fulfillment for the customers. “I’m at the intersection between Unirac and its customers. It’s my job to ensure our customers have a constant supply of mounting systems.”

Alford processes dozens of orders daily and ensures Unirac meets customers’ expectations, regarding lead time and delivery. “We measure lead time as the time from when we receive a purchase order until the time it ships to the customer. Unirac prides itself on shipping over 90 percent of orders within six business days. That’s important to us because we want to make sure our customers have the racking that they need and when they need it.”

In order to meet the company’s goals, Alford liaisons with other departments within the company, including Manufacturing, Inventory, Procurement, Shipping, Quality, and Sales. In addition to this, he has access to a global supply chain with multiple third-party logistics companies located around the country. “We’ve got the mindset and capabilities to serve our customers in a timely manner.”

Alford works diligently to make sure orders are processed on time. “We worked with our freight company to increase its on-time delivery from 92 to 97 percent. We did this because we are passionate about our customers getting their products on time and when they expect it.” He also communicates and answers questions that occasionally arise, “It’s important for customers to know they have a partner and advocate who is working on their behalf.”

Alford is undoubtedly one of the reasons for Unirac’s success. When asked what motivates him to come into work, Alford responded, “I love working at a green company and doing whatever I can to make this a greener world”.  Not only does Chase share Unirac’s vision, but he also works diligently to make the most positive experience for customers daily.

Alford says, “When our customers are successful, we’re successful.”