Customers First: Expect More From Your Commercial Solar Racking Partner


Because commercial installations can be massive undertakings, it’s critical to have the right partners on board to ensure projects’ smooth completions. Commercial installations are often one-time or limited-series events, making it difficult to build a pipeline for success.

“Commercial solar project planners should be looking for more from their racking partners,” says Brandon Carrasco, Director of Customer Solutions at Unirac. “What it means is that planners really need to seek out partners throughout their supply chain who can help avoid pitfalls and add value, especially as the market becomes more challenging.”

It’s a common problem. So—how does it get solved?

There’s never been a more critical time to put customer experience first. There’s far more to than just knowing the subject of solar racking equipment and the components that make it up—a true partner must be able to put its knowledge into practice to help customers in practical ways.

“Unirac has shipped more than 5GW of product in 20 years, so we have truly seen it all,” Carrasco says. “Our Commercial Services leadership alone has close to a hundred years of combined experience under its belt. But experience alone will not make the difference in critical installation projects. We’ve got to leverage what we know and keep our customers at the heart of every problem we solve.”

A lot of research has been conducted with project principals. What they say they need most—quick turnarounds, labor- and cost-saving solutions throughout the project life cycle, and comprehensive support—is the cornerstone of Unirac Commercial Services group. Each day, these goals are put into practice by nearly two dozen dedicated, around-the-clock staff. This has enabled Unirac to help commercial customers with some of the largest projects in the field, including the Vivint Smart Home Arena and a portfolio of data storage centers totaling more than 24 megawatts.

“Commercial customers call on us in part because we’ve innovated as much in the services arena as we have in products,” Carrasco notes.  “We’re the only company out there with rooftop-experienced staffers who will work alongside your installers on site to help ensure efficiency, for example.”

A good project plan is set apart by partnering with manufacturers who can bring measurable advantages in efficiency and speed. It’s not simply the products anymore—everything from stamped construction drawings to layouts, attachment designs, and field training is necessary to take a commercial project from its launch to its completion.

“We are the ‘Unirac’s got it’ team,” Edgar Pedrego, Commercial Support Manager for Unirac said. “Flat roof, pitched roof, ground mount—you name it. Big project or small, we zero in on saving money and getting the work done fast. This is what we’re looking for from our own suppliers and it’s what we’re providing to our customers.”

It’s true that commercial projects can evolve at lightning speed. According to Patrick Andrews, a Commercial Services Specialist at Unirac, he hears customers say they need information quickly, to support the decisions they need to make.

“One of our core values is that we succeed when our customers succeed,” Carrasco said. “Within five minutes of talking with our team, you understand that we hire with a customer-centric mindset and that we aim to provide exactly what you need as cost-effectively and quickly as possible. If you’re getting anything less from your commercial partners, you’re looking in the wrong place.”

Readers can learn more about Unirac’s Commercial Services team at, by emailing, or by calling (505) 242-6411.